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"Trio Alexander gave one of the most exciting and beautiful performances of Submerged that I have heard. They handled the many difficulties of the piece and its unusual techniques with great ease. Most of all, they gave an exciting, well thought out, and moving interpretation of this work while also re-creating the typical sound and of an Andean ensemble. Their performance brought us into the sound and style of the quena/charango/arpa Latin American ensemble. Bravo!"


composer Miguel del Aguila

Hailed as “daring and unconventional” by the Spalding Guardian, Trio Alexander engages audiences with captivating performances of contemporary and historic repertoire for the flute-viola-harp ensemble...


Winston Brown - The Spalding Guardian



A quirky and engaging performer, harpist and actress Rosanna Moore is quickly making a name for herself as an innovative performer and storyteller. Musically, she performs with a number of ensembles such as Ensemble Signal, Rochester Philharmonic, Lake George Music Festival, Slee Sinfonietta, Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes and all around NY state and beyond, as well as with her chamber ensembles Sticks&Strings, Trio Alexander and Hats+Heels. As an actress she works as a narrator and voiceover artist, often combining the two art forms wherever possible.


As a professional composer collector, Rosanna’s passion for new music has lead to a collection of new concerti, solo and chamber works. One upcoming project will be a new concerto for the Electric Delta Harp written by Grammy Award Winner DJ Sparr. She is also a harpist and advisor for The Future Blend Project.


In addition to performing, Rosanna is the new Instructor of Harp/Artist in Residence at the University of Oregon where she will teach students at the collegiate level as well as developing a community harp division and also is the Harp Instructor at Opus Ithaca. Formerly she was the Professor of Harp at Nazareth College and the Harp Instructor at the Eastman Community Music School in Rochester, NY. In these roles, she works to bring the harp to as many students as possible and teaches students of all ages and abilities. She was recently elected as President of the Rochester Chapter of the American Harp Society. In addition to this, she is the co-founder and host of the Soundweavers Podcast with Dr. Adam Paul Cordle and Dr. Blaire Koerner. Soundweavers is a chamber music podcast that explores the trials and tribulations of being a chamber musician or composer in the gig economy.

Rosanna completed her doctorate at the Eastman School of Music, with a minor in theatre. During her studies, she was gratefully supported by the Eileen Malone Scholarship. Her wonderful mentors throughout the years have been Eira Lynn Jones and Kathleen Bride. Her research into music and theatre won her honorable mention in Eastman’s Lecture Recital Prize, was presented in a workshop with Lilac94 at the AHS Institute in 2019, and lead her to be invited to perform at the World Harp Congress in Cardiff, 2020.

Full Biography here.

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