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As an avid chamber musician, Rosanna is a founding member of three diverse ensembles: Hats + Heels (bassoon and harp), Sticks&Strings percussion and harp duo and Trio Alexander (flute, viola, harp). 

Hats + Heels was formed in 2019 with bassoonist and avid hat collector, Dr. Blaire Koerner. They are currently working on their first album, which they will be recording in 2020. 

As a rather novel duo, Sticks&Strings aims to build a repertoire for harp and percussion duos and often collaborate with other art forms. They are currently working on a new show titled God Complex which they premiered in summer 2019. They were recently awarded the United Kingdom Harp Association Bursary to help fund the project. 

Described as “daring and unconventional”, Trio Alexander has recently returned from their first UK tour having been supported by an Eastman Development Grant and can regularly be seen in concert throughout the East Coast.

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