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Rosanna Moore and harp
Rosanna Moore and harp

Learning to play the harp is a skill that can range from a hobby and even branch out into a career. Rosanna’s mission as an educator is to find the way for each student to learn and study music as everyone learns in a different way. 


Rosanna is an experienced and dedicated educator for all levels and ages from 4 to 80, from beginners through collegiate study and on lever harp or pedal harp.


Recently she took the position of Assistant Lecturer of Harp at TU Dublin Conservatoire and will continue to teach at Opus Ithaca.

In addition to teaching harp, Rosanna also teaches theory using the ABRSM system and also provides workshops on stage etiquette, bowing and how to address audiences aimed at pre-college and collegiate students.


Rosanna offers online tuition through a mutually agreed platform (such as Zoom, FaceTime, Skype) in addition to in person lessons for local students. She is available for both continued study, for one off lessons in preparation for concerts, competitions or auditions and to present masterclasses. 


For more information, please contact here.

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